Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bargain Lilly Pulitzer Prices

I just went to 5 different TJMaxx and Marshalls and let me tell you what I found bunnies! First of all go..go now to your local TJ's or Marshie's. I found Lilly Pulitzer items at bargain prices! I bought the sweaters (Maria Crewnecks) in the above pics (not my pics, just a random ones off the internet) in 3 different colors. White, hot pink and kelly green. Ready for the price tag? $39.99 Yes, you read right, no glasses required $39.99. So I bought the same trio for my sister..

Then I found the Marilyn cardigans..In pink, white, navy blue,and kelly green also for $39.99! So of course my sister got the same collection I did..what can I say? That's how my sister and I operate. lol

But the great deals did not stop there..onto pajama's.

The third pair are a pink cotton drawstring and I can't seem to find an internet pic for you but I encourage you to RUN to your nearest TJ's and Marshalls to find these, the pj's are also $39.99.
If you are in Michigan, the 13 Mile TJ's is where most of these items were found.

Good luck and a bargain LILLY DAY is always the best day ever, right?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other Ken Dolls

Hi bunnies! Thank you for your very kind words and support! Princess Freckles, you may just see me pop into your library one day to say hi! I am a regular at Baldwin, I assume that's where your at ???
Ok, so when I started this blog I had no intention of letting it get too personal, oopsies, too late for that.
Although I enjoy reading the blogs about shopping and new products, I also find that if I get great new stuff or tell you about the great stuff I have, there is a sense of bragging and that's not my style, so just trust that I am like so many of you and I know that we probably would covet one another's stuff if we had a looksie into each others closet's.
I will tell you however that I am eyeing the Beantown Quinn purse at Kate Spade. Love it, love it, and yes bunnies, I love it!

Now I know that you are wondering.."What's with the Ken Doll? Has she gone completely over the edge?"
No bunnies, I wanted to tell you about a recent funny that happened to me. One of my doctor's has me going to a gym for my physical therapy. Let me state that I am not much of a gym person, I love to swim and I love to walk (outside) and even enjoyed being a runner for a number of years BUT..the gym thing isn't quite me (this could all change though). There are people there for fitness and optimum health but then there is also this odd sub-culture of "gym people" (you know the ones, guys with Lycra shorts so tight that you are forced to look at their no no spot, women with full blown out pageant girl hair and makeup while sporting rhinestone athletic wear).
Well, I thought I saw Ken Doll, my Ken Doll (not possible he lives in Illinois and isn't the gym type) at the gym but NO, it was a Ken Doll look a like.
Cute, very very cute (my kinda cute)I laughed because when I told two of my girlfriends they said "oh no, you're not going to only date guys that look like Ken Doll #1 are you?"
I will say this unexpected "perk" in my last two therapy appointments has made my days a little bit brighter. It's nice to have that "school girl crush" feeling again. The weird thing is that my last two sessions have been at completely different times and new Ken Doll has been there both times (but isn't hanging out for hours there, he does leave) Sooooo my bun buns, I'm going to work this angle. Get some PT, score a not really but it's sounds good!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's FALL!

Hi ya bunnies!

Have you missed me?
I hope so! I have been recovering from different things and I'm finally starting to feel like my old self again. Welcome back me!

I have been back in Michigan for about 3 1/2 months and whew..this recession is not the time for an interior designer to be looking for employment. So I made the decision to look for work back in Illinois. As soon as I did this, I was able to send out 8 resumes immediately. I hope that I get a call this week.

Upon receiving that great job offer, I will hop in my vehicle and execute my move. Sigh..what a lot of work to do but I feel like it's time.

I have spoken with Ken doll a little bit and there doesn't seem to be any hint of him wanting to reconcile. Some of my friends say that I "dodged a bullet" but my heart still feels the love and the longing. I know that time will heal this but for now my focus is getting back to work and getting back in shape (only 3 more weeks of physical therapy to go but still no exercise beyond walking and swimming, doctors orders)and just getting on with life.

My original thoughts were to stay in Michigan (it's home and it's really beautiful here) but it looks like life has some other plans for me so maybe I'll be in shopping at the Lilly Pulitzer in downtown Hinsdale very shortly. It will be good just to be feeling girlie and shopping crazy again.

I've reflected so many times on (in order) my job loss then my auto accident, my break-up with Ken doll and the passing of an older sibling in August and I'm still dumbfounded as to what all of this tragedy meant in the scheme of life. I've accepted it all but I still seem so very puzzled. My normal silly demeanor is and has been on hold for the last few months and I hope that part of me isn't gone forever. I don't think it is but it will take time and moving forward to get back to me.

If you pray bunnies, please say a prayer that I get a job offer this week, it would change so many things for me right now.

Anyway, I hope to get back to my regular posts soon..again, once things get moving.

Huggies to all!
I'll have another one, please!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to wear..what to wear..

OK..Ladies..I need your help! I can't go into two much detail after all I don't want this blog to be one big snooze fest but long..LONG..LONG story short. I will be going on my first date in two years!
Yeah for me!!!
I know what you're thinking.. Didn't she just get out of a 2 year relationship a month ago? Wasn't she crying on her pillow just a few short weeks ago? Yes, yes I was BUT the weirdness of the universe and the very odd circumstances of timing have me going on a date in about a week and a half. Time to get back out there, I think??? are my rules. I am not a jeans girl. I don't judge others but jeans just aren't for me. I don't want to be too preppy (heck I might not even go with a preppy look, I'm willing to try something new) nor do I want to look too prissy/girlie but I don't want to look blah either. I also don't want a matronly look. We are meeting for coffee so it's not a dinner date, it's totally casual.
So I have contacted my gal pals and we are collaborating on our end. Tell me what you think is a good outfit for a date over here in blog world. I'm very interested in your opinions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thank you

Thanks for your kind words bunnies! I have been trying to keep busy, busy, busy and today my family and I went boating. We anchored where we always do in Grosse Pointe between the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and the Ford Estate. My sister made the yummiest fruit salad. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries and apples and it was delish! Totally simple but totally yummy!
My nephew and I had double servings! It was overcast but we managed to get some sun & we all look a little tanner and we swam until we were exhausted. As an F.Y.I. I do wear an SPF 70 on my face but I relax a little on the body, what can I say I like to look tan in a sun dress. But I'm VERY strict with the face after all.. rays today, raisins tomorrow!
I had a busy week and it was nice to relax.
My former boyfriend (David) moved this week and I tried to help him out as much as I could. Not many people have a friendship with their exes like we have. David & I were together for eight years. He was the guy before "ken doll" a.k.a. Kirk. We had many good times together. During our relationship he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent radiation therapy, an 11 hour operation followed by months of chemotherapy. He was bed ridden for almost a year after the surgery and our relationship did not survive. He however, did survive and has been living walking proof that miracles do happen. I wish he could see what an inspiration he is to people but he doesn't. He is very laid back and cool about these things. We spent time together packing, moving, eating and talking about Kirk and love and friendships and life and it is nice to hang out with him (um..we won't ever be a couple again..we laugh that we'd get on each others nerves too much, lol). He teases me that this is what I get for breaking guys hearts in my 20's..I laugh..because I think I did kindly bruise a few ego's back then but I don't think I broke any hearts. I'm cute, super cute but not a "man eater" no no
Anyway, I'm whooped from my day but I just wanted to thank you bunnies again for your supportive and kind words extended my way!


Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi Bloggers! I have been MIA for over a month now and I have stayed away from Blogging because my world turned upside down.
The weekend I was due back to return to Illinois is the weekend that Ken Doll ended our relationship of two years. As I write this, I still have the heaviest of hearts. My furnishings and the majority of my personal belongings are in storage in Illinois and I am residing in Birmingham, Michigan for now.
All I can say is..I never saw this breakup happening and was taken completely by surprise. EVERYONE who has heard the story was as shocked and surprised as I was. I hadn't worked for several months after my car accident and I believe that along with our move to a more expensive residential area may have scared him, especially in this uncertain economy. He never communicated his hesitancy & this could be one of the reasons that he made such a rash decision. Along with his father whispering in his ear to break up with me (his father always showed animosity towards me because I had had a "charmed life" and his father was raised very poor and resented people with "money").
The good news..??? I'm with my family & friends again and I don't feel as alone as I did living in the IL. I have lost 15 lbs and I am very motivated to get back into top shape (The doctor said no aerobics still for one year). I am looking for a job and already have some "nibbles". I still speak with Kirk,.a.k.a. Ken Doll and our conversations are still filled with kindness and thoughtfulness but I haven't heard "Honey, I miss you and I made a mistake". I don't know if I ever will.
My friends say things (oh I love my friends) like "he was a good catch but can you imagine what's next if Kirk was that good?" I laugh at their optimism and appreciate it bunches.
When I moved to Illinois, I did because I thought/knew Kirk was the man of my dreams and I took a big risk because I was so excited about our future together.
I wonder what this 2 year adventure was all about. Certainly I could have stayed in Michigan and did the "long distance" thing with him or even not moved and let him go and dated other men. I don't understand why/what this relationship means in the "big scheme" of my life and only time will give me the answer and healing that I need.
Thank you bloggers for reading of my heartbreak (this is the first guy to break up with me/break my heart in my life..Yes, ladies @ 38 (Yes, now you know) this was the first time for me and I KNOW some of you out there know this feeling).
Hopefully, I will get back to blogging daily when I feel like being witty and talkative but I know that you will understand that I have been and will be "shut down" for a bit.
Huggies, I'll have another one, please!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Michigan

I am getting ready for guests that will be coming in on Friday and staying until Sunday morning. The visit was quite unexpected but it will be nice to see some relatives for a few days. I am busy right now making sure everything is "house guest ready".

When my guests leave, I will promtly (this is back to back events) board a train and go back to Birmingham, Michigan to hang out with my young nephew for a week. He's 11 and overall a fun, good boy to be around. My sister & her husband are in need of an "emergency babysitter" and I'm being shipped in like cattle on Amtrak. MOO!

When I lived in Michigan, I lived just a few blocks away from my sister's home and probably dropped in 3-4 times a week to say hello. My sister is very community oriented and volunteers for just about everything. I tease her that she should have a revolving door installed in the front of the house. There are always people dropping by for one thing or another. I miss the convenience of being near them.
I am thrilled that I get to hang out with my nephew (I miss him dearly and he has always been my little "bud") and I wanted him to come here to visit me so that we could do the Chicago tourist thing everyday but he's too young to ride the train alone.
Anyway, it's a crazy mess right now, getting ready for house guests and packing for a week away.
I promise I'll write more when things aren't so crazy/busy. Here are some pictures of Birmingham, Michigan. It's a great little town to live in, I miss it but I know that I will make the north shore my own "little Birmingham" soon enough.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jamie Johnson, I'm glad you're back!

Ok, I have a secret little crush on Jamie Johnson.
There I've said it!
Ken Doll is not aware of this little crush so please if you run into him, be kind, don't run him over with gushing exclamations of my little secret. I think he thinks it's all a literary crush anyway. I do too, for the most part.
My little crush began many years ago when Jamie (isn't that swell, I feel I'm on a first name basis now, ha ha) produced the documentary Born Rich followed by his second documentary: The One Percent. Aside from his film making, Jamie is the heir to the..well..The Johnson and Johnson family fortune. If you are not putting two and two together and you're a little vague about Johnson & Johnson, go to your bathroom, I'm sure you'll find the logo on something, somewhere in there.
Jaime writes a weekly blog that I follow not so much for it's content (sorry Jaime) but because I love the "comments" left by followers of his writings. Jaime writes about how people in his circle live & what his peers think about current events & happenings. I'm slightly intrigued by the elite world Jamie lives in because of his billionaire status but even more intriguing are the comments left by people. Some tell him kudos, others tease him like they know him personally (they profess that they do) and others argue & debate with his blogging/social commentary. I get a good laugh with every read.
Except last week. There was no Tuesday blog. I was fearful that JJ's thoughts would never be public again and I was saddened until today and his writings are back up. Phew!
If you have a chance, read his blog, it's amusing.
And as an FYI, my Ken Doll is ever so handsome & perfect in his Ken Doll ways (I've posted a pic before). Although I do think JJ is an attractive man, my Ken Doll is still perfect (his mom & I think he looks like Prince William without the red cheeks) so I'm very satisfied having a "celebrity looking BF".
Wow, look at the time, it's about time for cocktails- Ttyl!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Your favorite house

Since I'm all hyped up on this move. I started thinking about all the houses that have been in movies that are along the north shore of Illinois. Then I started to think about my favorite houses in movies. Do you have one? Is it Terra from Gone With The Wind? (Of course before the war) Is it the enchanting yet crumbling villa in Under the Tuscan Sun? Let me know, I'd love to hear what yours is/are. Here are a few of mine.
From the movie: The Wedding Crashers
From the movie: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

From the movie: Sabrina
I have a few others that come to mind but I had trouble finding pics of them. For the movies of the 80's: Rob Lowe's home in the movie Class, Trading Places: The Dukes residence, the home in the movie Arthur and The Bel Air home used in the movie Mommie Dearest. Moving a few years forward into the 90's, two homes stick out in my mind: the house Hilary lived in with her husband in the movie Beaches and a Caribbean plantation looking home used in the last scene of the movie Moll Flanders (this is a very vague memory and I could have the house confused with the wrong movie). I wish I could have posted pictures of these homes, they are beautiful houses with that wow effect.
Once again, I'd love to hear what your favorite movie homes are.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm so super excited!! As I have said before, we are moving. Well it's all settled and we are moving to the most perfect location. I'm so excited!!!
I grew up on the water, I went to college in Miami and the proximity I lived to the ocean was this: ocean, sand, beach grass, road, my condo. When I moved back to Michigan I lived in Birmingham, a lovely pedestrian friendly area but land locked. Only in summer was I near water. When we moved to Illinois I thought great we will be near the water. No such luck. Ken Doll's boss recommended cities for him to move to and he picked from one of his suggestions. Chicago and Lake Forest were the only areas I was previously familiar with. I had friends that had either moved to the city or girlfriends whose husbands were originally from LF. Ken Doll said that LF was too far north but keep looking in the areas south of LF.
After my car accident in January, I was left pretty broken and bruised up. I was hospitalized and bed ridden for awhile. I have had lots of time to think about things I want and don't want. I loved my German engineered car (R.I.P.), it's higher ranking in crash testing probably saved my life. For this I'm thankful but I'm not so sure I want to drive again and if I do maybe not everyday. I'm not sure of a lot of things anymore. BUT one thing I was very sure of was I wanted to live near the water.
My prayers were answered.
Sheridan road in Illinois starts in Chicago and goes along the coast to Wisconsin. We will be living on this road. It won't be until the end of August officially but basically everything is all set. I'm so excited! I can't stop saying that! This will be my backyard!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being expelled from Miss Porter's

After reading an article that is published in the July issue of a favorite magazine, I was prompted to write this blog. Although this story came out back in 2008 I found it an interesting read in Vanity Fair.
Does hearing the name Tatum Bass make you just want to roll your eyes? Ya I thought so, me too.
I wanted to keep my ranting to a minimum on my blog site and not get on one of my "soap boxes" but after hearing her story I really feel the need to vent.
Are you kidding me? Really, I mean are you seriously kidding me?
I really can not side with Miss Bass. Yes, yes, benefit of the doubt but she cheated. I am a firm believer in a code of ethics that you live by and do not waiver from.
I think that comes from my puritanical upbringing. Anyway..
Miss Bass cheated and was expelled. She blamed her reason for cheating on the teasing she received from the other students. She claims that this verbal abuse, harassment, taunting and ritual hazing caused so much emotional distress that she was forced to skip classes and cheat.
Miss Porter's is known for it's rules and rituals. It is known for it's strict routine and high academic standards. It is known for it's alumni and the character of it's alumni.
The lawsuit seems just ridiculous. If Tatum was so distraught, her personal fortitude being pushed to the point of an emotional breakdown, why didn't she contact her parents immediately? Some rules have changed and students are allowed to make phone calls out now. Seems like an easy solution to me. I despise cliches but isn't there one that goes something like "if you can't stand the heat, get someone to fan you?" No, no,'s get out of the kitchen, right?
I'm sorry to hear that this girl's lapse of good judgement cost her admittance into Vanderbilt University but cheating? Give me a break!
Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Bass should have taught her that sometimes our peers remind of us of our shortcomings in order to make us stronger and better.
In fact just last week my friend J had a chemical peel (she just turned 30) and this action prompted me to raise the bar a little bit higher for myself and invest in some hydroquinone from the derm doc. Baby steps right?
I guess it's all how you look at it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bye bye my 6' x 9'

Did I mention that we are moving? Did I mention the views we will gain but the space that we will loose?
Bring me a glass of wine, please!
We have a lot of drinking to do bunnies-
54 sq. ft of drinking in fact oh and then there's that other closet..I hope you're thirsty.
One of Ken Doll's hobbies is the old art/science of making wine and brewing beer. Did I mention that he is very good at this?
Samuel Adams has an annual longshot micro brew competition every year and in a previous year out of the top 1000 entries Ken Doll placed in the top 100. The winner gets to see their beer be produced commercially. Really there are thousands of entries and to be in the top 100 is pretty impressive. He makes lagers and ales. He has made/makes stouts/porters, pilsners, cream stouts and IPA's. I hope I didn't leave anything out. There have been many many batches brewed.
Then the other closet is filled with homemade wines, ciders and mead's. We will never thirst.
Now my experience in all of this is in the designing of wine cellars (this is what we really need) for clients and of course the consumption of many vino varieties. I have taken some wine classes, gone on wine tasting tours and during my college years experimented with decorating the living room with empty wine bottles whimsically tossed about like confetti after a New Years Party. Ok, it was more like I woke up to find the living room like that. I also have a friend (sadly I've lost touch with him) who owns and operates his own vineyard/winery in Washington. That's my wine resume.
I'm excited about the move and I have downsized my closet quite a bit to make some space for our adult beverage collection. Ken Doll should have been an attorney. His argument that forces me to release shoes into the universe is very simple. "Honey, do you want this to be a dry household?" and "Ok, if you want to keep your stuff and only have 100 bottles of wine then I guess it's shoes for you".


Truth be told? I've gotten into this wine making. I am not at a level of being an enologist or sommeliers (maybe I'll save that for my retirement years) and I have come to love and appreciate that I make something that tastes great and makes people feel good. I like the fact that I contribute to other peoples happiness. It's one of the purist of art forms. I guess if you analyze it, there is a certain utilitarian aspect to it but essentially it is art. It is the best thing I've ever created.
We will be bottling one of my sweet fruit wines that has been fermenting for 2 years before we move. I'm working on the label design now. I think it will be a drawing of me in a pair of high heeled SHOES stepping on grapes.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Days off from Blogging

Hi Bloggers!!!
My dearest closest friend (next to my sister and Ken Doll) is coming into Chicago today! Woo hoo! that the train?
The museum of Science and Industry is free this week (adult admission is normally $12.00, I know that's not much but this week = FREE) except for the new Harry Potter exhibit. I love free! There is also a free concert tonight in Millennium Park (the cast from Million Dollar Quartet). It is going to be an action packed week and I probably won't be blogging for the next few days.
Although I live within a 30 minute drive to the city, Ken Doll and I only do the Chicago thing when friends & family come into town. I know this is horrible but we are slowly changing this. This week I am going to do as many tourist things as possible. Navy Pier, The museums, Garrett's Popcorn, Chicago style hot dogs, and Argo Tea (my friend has never been to an Argo before)! IF you love ice tea go to their website. They have the best T!
Be good bunnies, keep thinking of all things that keep you uplifted and that make you laugh. I'll catch up with you in a few days!

I'll have another one, please!
and another..
oh what the heck, one more!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

You know it's summer when..

Preppy Little Dress is having a tote bag give-a-way (It's a snappy one). To enter all you need to do is answer this question "When do you know it's summer?"
My answer: It's officially summer when the boat goes back in the water.
We haven't become Lake Michigan boaters, yet. There are storage & slip complications, dues paid elsewhere for a comfortable amount of time so it's easier (ok what I meant to write was cheaper, yes I said it!! Cheaper) for us to go back to Michigan and boat on Lake St. Clair. We will probably be Michigan boaters for a long time. No biggy, it's just a 5 1/2 hour drive back "home".
Here's a pic from our boat looking at a family friends boat (we aren't cigarette boaters but he's a bachelor, an attorney and his flashy/fast boat gets him flashy/fast We are anchored in Grosse Pointe Shores between the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and the Ford Estate (actually the cove where the Edsel & Eleanor Ford estate is. What a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Up popped the daisies!

Talk about coincidences but I've had two come up recently. While watching a DVD & while looking for a new home. If you haven't read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald or had a chance to see the movie, I recommend looking into The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
I could dissect this film & get very philosophical & write flowery verse about this film but that's not my purpose. I'm much more shallow than that.;)
In the film the leading lady is a woman named Daisy. Ken doll and I only knew of one other book by FSF that had a character named Daisy in it. Maybe there are others, I'm only part way through The Beautiful and the Damned right now and so far no appearance of any Daisy characters.

Then a few days later in my search for a new place to hang our hats, I stumbled upon a coach house for sale. It's address is 290 Ridge Road Lake Forest, Illinois. It is for sale for $1,400,000. and it is said to be the house where Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. In the main house resided Ginevra King, rumored to be the real life inspiration for Fitzgerald's character Daisy Buchanan.
The main house (I did a little research and in 2007 the main house was for sale for $6 million). I don't know if the main house sold, I guess I could find out but I'm not all that interested. I'm not buying it and I'm not buying the coach house either. But it's just one of those funny little life's coincidences.
And speaking of coincidences another famous house in the the north burbs of Chicago just went on the market, see if you recognize it. It was built in 1953 (370 Beech St. Highland Park, Illinois)and is for sale for 2.3 million and was in a very famous movie.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event

I just watched this last night although it happened last month. Lucinda Fredericks (Australia)and Headley Britanna, together, powered to the lead at the 2009 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. It was this clear round in the jumping phase that took them to the lead. Gotta love the elegance and grace!
I'm singing to the tune of "horses, horses horses" as I post this. My sister would crack up right now. The horse thing being a family joke (literally) and we often sing "horses, horses, horses" to each other. That line comes from that scene in Sleepless in Seattle remember? Right at the beginning where Meg Ryan's had her little moment singing along to the holiday tune in her car?
Horses, horses, horses..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Logos and Labels and Gas Masks, oh my!

Yesterday, while reading a blog written by the Preppy Princess I was inspired to post these pics. She had a picture of brand recognition going too far. It was a car with the Louis Vuitton logo all over it. I'm not going to show a pic of the car you are going to have to visit her intriguing blog yourself. Go now..
Are you back yet? I know it's a good blog..Lot's to read and you can go back to it later, you're reading my blog now, remember?
Now believe it or not Gucci used to make wall paper (I don't know if they still do) and I had a client about 4 years ago who wanted Gucci wall paper on the walls of his bedroom and "with the G's".
Labels have their place in the world. I have a few that I "can't live without" but I also appreciate the fine tailoring or the unique designs of clothing that happens in many times to be accompanied with a label.
Shown below are some brand named items that I can do without, I mean I hope to never need one and then is sporting Gucci REALLY going to be relevant?
As for the former client with the Gucci wallpaper by the time I showed him the total cost and compared it to all the lovely leather goods available at Gucci and all the beautiful options available in fine wall coverings, he ended up with a beautifully designed bedroom & a year supply of loafers to accompany each season!
Thank you Diddo Velma for the pic of your masks. Shown are Bling, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer gatherings and potato chips

Good Morning! Happy belated Memorial Day! I hope that none of you found yourself waking up as face down lawn ornaments over this past weekend.
I understand that holidays can sometimes get out of hand.
I wanted to thank all of you for your supportive comments and emails regarding my Friday post. Being well mannered never goes out of style. Period! Unless you are a comedian or a political/social satirist then.. go for it! The world is your oyster, there's a lot to comment on, other than that, it just comes out wrong.
Speaking of wrong, did you want to hear about my tummy troubles with the Mexican Layer Dip Flavored Pringles? Probably not, but here it goes.
When I was just a young deb (Yes, I said it, I'll post a pic of this monumental moment of my life (it really wasn't) sometime when I can find the photo album. **NOTE**Let me just add that I'm not a snob or stuck up, my parents were traditional people and this is just what you did for your daughters when they became of a certain age. My parents were very old fashioned. Anyway, following this event I went to Europe where I traveled, experienced European culture and discovered the fun and deliciousness of Walker's Crisps.
Have you ever had them? My first flavors were pickles and then pot roast dinner. Not bad for a potato chip! Over the years I have sought out markets that sell European products here in the states or ordered the chips on-line. They have flavors such as: roast chicken, steak & onion, prawn cocktail, chili & chocolate, crispy duck & hoisin sauce, fish & chips, etc.
Pringles have recently gotten a little daring with their flavors. I spotted two new flavors that I had never seen before. Mozzarella & marinara sauce and Mexican layer dip flavored chips. We selected the MLD. We avoid products with MSG but I just had to try them!! HAD TO! Knowing fully that this was going to end badly.
It did and I'm not quite myself today, so my apologies if todays blog is plain and original flavored.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Distasteful Blogging

I joined the blogger world less than a month ago and today I unsubscribed to one of the first blogs I joined.
Let me take you back many years ago when I first joined the Junior League. After a few letters, written by friends and friends of friends about my character and commitment to helping to give back to the community were submitted, I became a provisional member, then later an active member, sustainer comes next. We were a group of ladies who without a question had the character of women who were or tried to be above all else, good human beings. Membership requirements were different then. Now because of declining membership the formality has changed and anyone can join as long as you fulfill your hours of volunteerism and pay annual dues. The group of knowing one another through friendships, families, business, clubs, etc. is smaller and the intimacy is different, it's bigger and less private. Socially different but financially this is good, that means we can raise more money for people in need.
With that said, we did not wear our membership of the league like a label of status on a shirt.
I was following a blog of woman who writes about shopping, new products, vacations and her league membership (all thing of interest to me, I enjoy seeing how other people live, it's human curiosity). Today I have unsubscribed to her blog. WHY you ask? Today she made fun of an ethnic cultural group and somewhat mocked their idols of worship, their dress, their "street" culture. I'm aghast and appalled. I am saddened. With the economy changing I thought more people were "getting it". Letting people live and not focus on our differences but what brings us together as humans. (Trust me, I'm not a liberal nor am I going to ask you to hold hands and sing with me but give me a sec, please).
I've had and had not in my lifetime and it certainly NEVER made me feel superior to any person. Money may have given me a sense of financial security but never "better" than anyone.
As an avid volunteer, my charitable energy has been to help people and I just kind of ignore what's on the outside because we are human beings with the same needs (food, shelter, clothing, kindness, optimum health, love) and the same hopes (education, monetary satisfaction, continued security & success). I find her blog today completely distasteful and I have unsubscribed.
I laugh because although my world is aesthetics and I earn a living from changing the way things look and manipulating space, I must emphasise why I became an interior designer. "IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE THAT COUNTS".

Cheers and Happy Blogging! (I'm on the right)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The ABC's of moi!

A - Age: La di da da..Was that the door bell I just heard?
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: Chores..What are those? Ok, I dislike all domestic cleaning duties but I do them. Opening windows helps blow dust onto the carpet & rugs for a quick one stop vacuuming sweep. lol..
D - Dog's name: If I had a dog, he would be a White Highland Terrier named affectionately, Waffles.
E - Essential start your day item: My morning kiss from Ken doll
F - Favorite color: Pink!
G - Gold or Silver or platinum: Depends on the ensemble of the day. Metal depends on textures and textiles worn
H - Height: 5'2 1/4"
I - Instruments you play: Nothing anymore
J - Job title: Interior Designer (this may change, I know how exciting a career change. Looking into something in historical preservation and antiquities).
K - Kid(s): None, maybe one day or maybe I'll become a foster parent in the near future
L - Living arrangements: Ken doll & Cassie the cat along with 2 very quiet goldfish.
M - Mom's name:
N - Nicknames:
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: ah ha..the secret comes out, Very very recently I was involved in a pretty serious car accident in January, hence the blog and free time to write. I'm almost fully recovered!
P - Pet Peeve: Lot's but who wants to hear me complain?? Let's move onto Q
Q - Quote from a movie: "That's some good iced tea".
R - Right handed or left handed: right
S - Siblings: Sister
T - Time you wake up: 7ish
U - Underwear: TMI, who makes up these lists?
V - Vegetable you dislike: Not too crazy about the lima bean, the brussel sprout or that slimy one - Okra
W - Ways you run late: Changing outfits after being fully dressed
X - X-rays you've had: Recently far too many to count, I probably glow at night
Y - Yummy food you make: I'll have another one, please!
Z - Zoo favorite: Getting back into the air conditioned car after leaving

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi bloggers! I need your help! I just went to the "edit my blog" section and there you were. You lovely people have written me such nice things and I didn't even know your comments were there. OK, so I feel really dumb here. Help! I need blogger assistance. How do I know when someone has left a comment? I see other blogs and their comments are there for all to see. Secondly, I love free stuff & love to give things away, other blogs have contests for free stuff, what is this all about? Then there are two other things, paid to advertise on your blog? Is this a good idea? Is this a scam? Will I invite more harmful viruses to my computer? Then there is that whole going public thingy? Does this REALLY change how many people read your blog? I'm on the fence about that last one. I like the profiles of my whole 6 followers (let's meet & have drinks) and it's ok if that's all I ever get in the quantity of readers but this could be my big break to get famous! LOL..If you have any answers, please be so kind and respond for me.
I am posting a pic of Ken doll taken about 8 years ago. He still has great hair just not so 2001 Fluffy. We aren't camera people, I don't know why it just is one of those things so pics of us are scarce. Thanks again for your help in advance!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Steve the bartender

Hello to you! Ken doll and I went out of town for a few days to attend a wedding. I did not get online for the last 4 days because I had to conserve all my energy for trying to get into my Spanx. I'm also a bit leery of announcing on-line "hey, our home is going to EMPTY for the next 4 days" it sounds so much like "hey, come over and rob us". Maybe I'm starting to loose my hearing but the two sound frighteningly similar.
The wedding was lovely, the bride beautiful, the weather perfect, the drinks as with every wedding were.. NOT STRONG ENOUGH! My drink of choice on Saturday was the Sea Breeze, similar to a Cape Codder but with a splash of grapefruit juice. By drink #4, I asked Ken doll to ask the bartender for a "Tsunami" because the breeze coming off of the sea was just too light. Steve (it's always good to know the bartenders name) didn't get our joke and I get another "Shirley Temple".
Now let's see..I have issues with weddings. Reception traditions are weird for me but hysterical to watch. The bride refused to have anyone force them to kiss so it was announced that if you wanted to see the couple kiss, you had to sing a line from a song that had the word love in it. At this announcement Ken doll raced to the microphone and sang "I love chicken, I love liver, Meow Mix, Meow Mix, please deliver". His adult beverages appeared to be working just fine!
Darn that Steve!
So now it comes time for the bridal bouquet toss and the cheesy garter belt exchange (I really thought no one did this anymore). Why on earth would any mother would let her 12 year old daughter into that arena is beyond me (see what I mean by hysterical?)but yes up there in front is a 12 year old little girl waiting to catch the pretty flowers & have a 25 year old man catch the garter. The only logical explanation is Steve the bartender is making her mothers drinks VERY TALL. Now I want no accusations that I'm trying to knock out the competition because I'm not married and this 12 year old can jump & catch faster than me..I must declare that I have never caught a bouquet and I usually try not to. Especially since I am wearing Spanx..Can you imagine? DON'T!!!!
So lets progress to the very end of the evening. I'm in the bathroom and I hear all this snapping & soft cursing. Then I hear "Damn, these Spanx!" So at the washbasins I meet this mysterious stall creature. She is about 5'8" and a whole 125-135 lbs. I laugh and recite a line from that old movie Clueless. "Party clothes are so binding". She cracks up and then proceeds to lift her dress and show me her Spanx!!!!

I know..I had the same reaction. I gave you some space to really take that in. She then starts talking about being fat (so not fat from what I could see and I did see a lot) and some other nonsense..while she is babbling on and on I heard a dull huming in my head & I only had one thought "Who was her bartender????"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Going green, what's in your garden?

I am eagerly awaiting the growth of my tiny garden. I have tomato & green pepper plants sprouting. Knowing that a molten chocolate cake bush was not possible I dabbled around with other delicious ideas. Then I heard someone mention a cupcake tree! Sadly, the cake mix washed away from the soil when we had a big rainfall last night. BOO..