Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jamie Johnson, I'm glad you're back!

Ok, I have a secret little crush on Jamie Johnson.
There I've said it!
Ken Doll is not aware of this little crush so please if you run into him, be kind, don't run him over with gushing exclamations of my little secret. I think he thinks it's all a literary crush anyway. I do too, for the most part.
My little crush began many years ago when Jamie (isn't that swell, I feel I'm on a first name basis now, ha ha) produced the documentary Born Rich followed by his second documentary: The One Percent. Aside from his film making, Jamie is the heir to the..well..The Johnson and Johnson family fortune. If you are not putting two and two together and you're a little vague about Johnson & Johnson, go to your bathroom, I'm sure you'll find the logo on something, somewhere in there.
Jaime writes a weekly blog that I follow not so much for it's content (sorry Jaime) but because I love the "comments" left by followers of his writings. Jaime writes about how people in his circle live & what his peers think about current events & happenings. I'm slightly intrigued by the elite world Jamie lives in because of his billionaire status but even more intriguing are the comments left by people. Some tell him kudos, others tease him like they know him personally (they profess that they do) and others argue & debate with his blogging/social commentary. I get a good laugh with every read.
Except last week. There was no Tuesday blog. I was fearful that JJ's thoughts would never be public again and I was saddened until today and his writings are back up. Phew!
If you have a chance, read his blog, it's amusing.
And as an FYI, my Ken Doll is ever so handsome & perfect in his Ken Doll ways (I've posted a pic before). Although I do think JJ is an attractive man, my Ken Doll is still perfect (his mom & I think he looks like Prince William without the red cheeks) so I'm very satisfied having a "celebrity looking BF".
Wow, look at the time, it's about time for cocktails- Ttyl!

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