Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Days off from Blogging

Hi Bloggers!!!
My dearest closest friend (next to my sister and Ken Doll) is coming into Chicago today! Woo hoo!...is that the train?
The museum of Science and Industry is free this week (adult admission is normally $12.00, I know that's not much but this week = FREE) except for the new Harry Potter exhibit. I love free! There is also a free concert tonight in Millennium Park (the cast from Million Dollar Quartet). It is going to be an action packed week and I probably won't be blogging for the next few days.
Although I live within a 30 minute drive to the city, Ken Doll and I only do the Chicago thing when friends & family come into town. I know this is horrible but we are slowly changing this. This week I am going to do as many tourist things as possible. Navy Pier, The museums, Garrett's Popcorn, Chicago style hot dogs, and Argo Tea (my friend has never been to an Argo before)! IF you love ice tea go to their website. They have the best T!
Be good bunnies, keep thinking of all things that keep you uplifted and that make you laugh. I'll catch up with you in a few days!

I'll have another one, please!
and another..
oh what the heck, one more!!


  1. Just stumbled across your blog and love it! I love that you said in your next life you want to be a food critic. That would be the best job, especially if it involved cupcakes.

    Float on...

  2. Hope that you had a wonderful time together despite the " cold" summer weather Chicagoland has been going trough.

  3. Hi Michigan girl--I am from Michigan too and head to Chicago 4-5 times a year and go the museums. If you are planning on hitting the museums on a regular basis, my suggestion is to purchase a membership to the University of Michigan Museum of History. This membership allows free admission to the Science & Industry, Field Museum, Children's Museum, another museum in Lincoln Park, etc. For the $35 (may be a litte more now), it is worth it!