Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being expelled from Miss Porter's

After reading an article that is published in the July issue of a favorite magazine, I was prompted to write this blog. Although this story came out back in 2008 I found it an interesting read in Vanity Fair.
Does hearing the name Tatum Bass make you just want to roll your eyes? Ya I thought so, me too.
I wanted to keep my ranting to a minimum on my blog site and not get on one of my "soap boxes" but after hearing her story I really feel the need to vent.
Are you kidding me? Really, I mean are you seriously kidding me?
I really can not side with Miss Bass. Yes, yes, benefit of the doubt but she cheated. I am a firm believer in a code of ethics that you live by and do not waiver from.
I think that comes from my puritanical upbringing. Anyway..
Miss Bass cheated and was expelled. She blamed her reason for cheating on the teasing she received from the other students. She claims that this verbal abuse, harassment, taunting and ritual hazing caused so much emotional distress that she was forced to skip classes and cheat.
Miss Porter's is known for it's rules and rituals. It is known for it's strict routine and high academic standards. It is known for it's alumni and the character of it's alumni.
The lawsuit seems just ridiculous. If Tatum was so distraught, her personal fortitude being pushed to the point of an emotional breakdown, why didn't she contact her parents immediately? Some rules have changed and students are allowed to make phone calls out now. Seems like an easy solution to me. I despise cliches but isn't there one that goes something like "if you can't stand the heat, get someone to fan you?" No, no,'s get out of the kitchen, right?
I'm sorry to hear that this girl's lapse of good judgement cost her admittance into Vanderbilt University but cheating? Give me a break!
Maybe Mr. & Mrs. Bass should have taught her that sometimes our peers remind of us of our shortcomings in order to make us stronger and better.
In fact just last week my friend J had a chemical peel (she just turned 30) and this action prompted me to raise the bar a little bit higher for myself and invest in some hydroquinone from the derm doc. Baby steps right?
I guess it's all how you look at it.


  1. Interesting story! What magazine was this?

    Found your blog through that cute avatar picture you have when you comment -- love it!

  2. I read this two days ago at the pool finally- why were we supposed to feel sorry for her/believe that stress lead her to cheat? honestly?!


  3. Miss Porter's has a 3 strike policy on cheating which means that this was Tatum Bass's 3rd incident. It also states clearly in the school rule book that if a cheating incident occurs during senior year, then MPS will inform colleges. Miss Porter's adhered to their policy.