Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bye bye my 6' x 9'

Did I mention that we are moving? Did I mention the views we will gain but the space that we will loose?
Bring me a glass of wine, please!
We have a lot of drinking to do bunnies-
54 sq. ft of drinking in fact oh and then there's that other closet..I hope you're thirsty.
One of Ken Doll's hobbies is the old art/science of making wine and brewing beer. Did I mention that he is very good at this?
Samuel Adams has an annual longshot micro brew competition every year and in a previous year out of the top 1000 entries Ken Doll placed in the top 100. The winner gets to see their beer be produced commercially. Really there are thousands of entries and to be in the top 100 is pretty impressive. He makes lagers and ales. He has made/makes stouts/porters, pilsners, cream stouts and IPA's. I hope I didn't leave anything out. There have been many many batches brewed.
Then the other closet is filled with homemade wines, ciders and mead's. We will never thirst.
Now my experience in all of this is in the designing of wine cellars (this is what we really need) for clients and of course the consumption of many vino varieties. I have taken some wine classes, gone on wine tasting tours and during my college years experimented with decorating the living room with empty wine bottles whimsically tossed about like confetti after a New Years Party. Ok, it was more like I woke up to find the living room like that. I also have a friend (sadly I've lost touch with him) who owns and operates his own vineyard/winery in Washington. That's my wine resume.
I'm excited about the move and I have downsized my closet quite a bit to make some space for our adult beverage collection. Ken Doll should have been an attorney. His argument that forces me to release shoes into the universe is very simple. "Honey, do you want this to be a dry household?" and "Ok, if you want to keep your stuff and only have 100 bottles of wine then I guess it's shoes for you".


Truth be told? I've gotten into this wine making. I am not at a level of being an enologist or sommeliers (maybe I'll save that for my retirement years) and I have come to love and appreciate that I make something that tastes great and makes people feel good. I like the fact that I contribute to other peoples happiness. It's one of the purist of art forms. I guess if you analyze it, there is a certain utilitarian aspect to it but essentially it is art. It is the best thing I've ever created.
We will be bottling one of my sweet fruit wines that has been fermenting for 2 years before we move. I'm working on the label design now. I think it will be a drawing of me in a pair of high heeled SHOES stepping on grapes.

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  1. That is so interesting about you and your husband brewing your own "concoctions," shall we say? I once tried to do the same but came up with a skunky-armpit tasting monstrosity. If that doesn't turn you away - who knows what would. Good luck!