Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Logos and Labels and Gas Masks, oh my!

Yesterday, while reading a blog written by the Preppy Princess I was inspired to post these pics. She had a picture of brand recognition going too far. It was a car with the Louis Vuitton logo all over it. I'm not going to show a pic of the car you are going to have to visit her intriguing blog yourself. Go now..
Are you back yet? I know it's a good blog..Lot's to read and you can go back to it later, you're reading my blog now, remember?
Now believe it or not Gucci used to make wall paper (I don't know if they still do) and I had a client about 4 years ago who wanted Gucci wall paper on the walls of his bedroom and "with the G's".
Labels have their place in the world. I have a few that I "can't live without" but I also appreciate the fine tailoring or the unique designs of clothing that happens in many times to be accompanied with a label.
Shown below are some brand named items that I can do without, I mean I hope to never need one and then is sporting Gucci REALLY going to be relevant?
As for the former client with the Gucci wallpaper by the time I showed him the total cost and compared it to all the lovely leather goods available at Gucci and all the beautiful options available in fine wall coverings, he ended up with a beautifully designed bedroom & a year supply of loafers to accompany each season!
Thank you Diddo Velma for the pic of your masks. Shown are Bling, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

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  1. Gas masks? That is so crazy! I am not a huge fan of sporting logos, but I guess to each their own! :)