Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hi bloggers! I need your help! I just went to the "edit my blog" section and there you were. You lovely people have written me such nice things and I didn't even know your comments were there. OK, so I feel really dumb here. Help! I need blogger assistance. How do I know when someone has left a comment? I see other blogs and their comments are there for all to see. Secondly, I love free stuff & love to give things away, other blogs have contests for free stuff, what is this all about? Then there are two other things, paid to advertise on your blog? Is this a good idea? Is this a scam? Will I invite more harmful viruses to my computer? Then there is that whole going public thingy? Does this REALLY change how many people read your blog? I'm on the fence about that last one. I like the profiles of my whole 6 followers (let's meet & have drinks) and it's ok if that's all I ever get in the quantity of readers but this could be my big break to get famous! LOL..If you have any answers, please be so kind and respond for me.
I am posting a pic of Ken doll taken about 8 years ago. He still has great hair just not so 2001 Fluffy. We aren't camera people, I don't know why it just is one of those things so pics of us are scarce. Thanks again for your help in advance!

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