Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to wear..what to wear..

OK..Ladies..I need your help! I can't go into two much detail after all I don't want this blog to be one big snooze fest but long..LONG..LONG story short. I will be going on my first date in two years!
Yeah for me!!!
I know what you're thinking.. Didn't she just get out of a 2 year relationship a month ago? Wasn't she crying on her pillow just a few short weeks ago? Yes, yes I was BUT the weirdness of the universe and the very odd circumstances of timing have me going on a date in about a week and a half. Time to get back out there, I think???
OK..here are my rules. I am not a jeans girl. I don't judge others but jeans just aren't for me. I don't want to be too preppy (heck I might not even go with a preppy look, I'm willing to try something new) nor do I want to look too prissy/girlie but I don't want to look blah either. I also don't want a matronly look. We are meeting for coffee so it's not a dinner date, it's totally casual.
So I have contacted my gal pals and we are collaborating on our end. Tell me what you think is a good outfit for a date over here in blog world. I'm very interested in your opinions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Thank you

Thanks for your kind words bunnies! I have been trying to keep busy, busy, busy and today my family and I went boating. We anchored where we always do in Grosse Pointe between the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and the Ford Estate. My sister made the yummiest fruit salad. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries and apples and it was delish! Totally simple but totally yummy!
My nephew and I had double servings! It was overcast but we managed to get some sun & we all look a little tanner and we swam until we were exhausted. As an F.Y.I. I do wear an SPF 70 on my face but I relax a little on the body, what can I say I like to look tan in a sun dress. But I'm VERY strict with the face after all.. rays today, raisins tomorrow!
I had a busy week and it was nice to relax.
My former boyfriend (David) moved this week and I tried to help him out as much as I could. Not many people have a friendship with their exes like we have. David & I were together for eight years. He was the guy before "ken doll" a.k.a. Kirk. We had many good times together. During our relationship he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent radiation therapy, an 11 hour operation followed by months of chemotherapy. He was bed ridden for almost a year after the surgery and our relationship did not survive. He however, did survive and has been living walking proof that miracles do happen. I wish he could see what an inspiration he is to people but he doesn't. He is very laid back and cool about these things. We spent time together packing, moving, eating and talking about Kirk and love and friendships and life and it is nice to hang out with him (um..we won't ever be a couple again..we laugh that we'd get on each others nerves too much, lol). He teases me that this is what I get for breaking guys hearts in my 20's..I laugh..because I think I did kindly bruise a few ego's back then but I don't think I broke any hearts. I'm cute, super cute but not a "man eater"..no no no
Anyway, I'm whooped from my day but I just wanted to thank you bunnies again for your supportive and kind words extended my way!