Thursday, June 11, 2009


I'm so super excited!! As I have said before, we are moving. Well it's all settled and we are moving to the most perfect location. I'm so excited!!!
I grew up on the water, I went to college in Miami and the proximity I lived to the ocean was this: ocean, sand, beach grass, road, my condo. When I moved back to Michigan I lived in Birmingham, a lovely pedestrian friendly area but land locked. Only in summer was I near water. When we moved to Illinois I thought great we will be near the water. No such luck. Ken Doll's boss recommended cities for him to move to and he picked from one of his suggestions. Chicago and Lake Forest were the only areas I was previously familiar with. I had friends that had either moved to the city or girlfriends whose husbands were originally from LF. Ken Doll said that LF was too far north but keep looking in the areas south of LF.
After my car accident in January, I was left pretty broken and bruised up. I was hospitalized and bed ridden for awhile. I have had lots of time to think about things I want and don't want. I loved my German engineered car (R.I.P.), it's higher ranking in crash testing probably saved my life. For this I'm thankful but I'm not so sure I want to drive again and if I do maybe not everyday. I'm not sure of a lot of things anymore. BUT one thing I was very sure of was I wanted to live near the water.
My prayers were answered.
Sheridan road in Illinois starts in Chicago and goes along the coast to Wisconsin. We will be living on this road. It won't be until the end of August officially but basically everything is all set. I'm so excited! I can't stop saying that! This will be my backyard!


  1. Wow. It looks just beautiful.

  2. Hooray for water. Love the pictures xo

  3. I hope your moving experience is as painless as possible and that you love your new town!