Friday, May 29, 2009

Up popped the daisies!

Talk about coincidences but I've had two come up recently. While watching a DVD & while looking for a new home. If you haven't read the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald or had a chance to see the movie, I recommend looking into The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
I could dissect this film & get very philosophical & write flowery verse about this film but that's not my purpose. I'm much more shallow than that.;)
In the film the leading lady is a woman named Daisy. Ken doll and I only knew of one other book by FSF that had a character named Daisy in it. Maybe there are others, I'm only part way through The Beautiful and the Damned right now and so far no appearance of any Daisy characters.

Then a few days later in my search for a new place to hang our hats, I stumbled upon a coach house for sale. It's address is 290 Ridge Road Lake Forest, Illinois. It is for sale for $1,400,000. and it is said to be the house where Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. In the main house resided Ginevra King, rumored to be the real life inspiration for Fitzgerald's character Daisy Buchanan.
The main house (I did a little research and in 2007 the main house was for sale for $6 million). I don't know if the main house sold, I guess I could find out but I'm not all that interested. I'm not buying it and I'm not buying the coach house either. But it's just one of those funny little life's coincidences.
And speaking of coincidences another famous house in the the north burbs of Chicago just went on the market, see if you recognize it. It was built in 1953 (370 Beech St. Highland Park, Illinois)and is for sale for 2.3 million and was in a very famous movie.

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  1. Wow love the real estate and who doesnt want the ferris bueller house! Stopping by from SITS!