Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bargain Lilly Pulitzer Prices

I just went to 5 different TJMaxx and Marshalls and let me tell you what I found bunnies! First of all go..go now to your local TJ's or Marshie's. I found Lilly Pulitzer items at bargain prices! I bought the sweaters (Maria Crewnecks) in the above pics (not my pics, just a random ones off the internet) in 3 different colors. White, hot pink and kelly green. Ready for the price tag? $39.99 Yes, you read right, no glasses required $39.99. So I bought the same trio for my sister..

Then I found the Marilyn cardigans..In pink, white, navy blue,and kelly green also for $39.99! So of course my sister got the same collection I did..what can I say? That's how my sister and I operate. lol

But the great deals did not stop there..onto pajama's.

The third pair are a pink cotton drawstring and I can't seem to find an internet pic for you but I encourage you to RUN to your nearest TJ's and Marshalls to find these, the pj's are also $39.99.
If you are in Michigan, the 13 Mile TJ's is where most of these items were found.

Good luck and a bargain LILLY DAY is always the best day ever, right?

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