Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Other Ken Dolls

Hi bunnies! Thank you for your very kind words and support! Princess Freckles, you may just see me pop into your library one day to say hi! I am a regular at Baldwin, I assume that's where your at ???
Ok, so when I started this blog I had no intention of letting it get too personal, oopsies, too late for that.
Although I enjoy reading the blogs about shopping and new products, I also find that if I get great new stuff or tell you about the great stuff I have, there is a sense of bragging and that's not my style, so just trust that I am like so many of you and I know that we probably would covet one another's stuff if we had a looksie into each others closet's.
I will tell you however that I am eyeing the Beantown Quinn purse at Kate Spade. Love it, love it, and yes bunnies, I love it!

Now I know that you are wondering.."What's with the Ken Doll? Has she gone completely over the edge?"
No bunnies, I wanted to tell you about a recent funny that happened to me. One of my doctor's has me going to a gym for my physical therapy. Let me state that I am not much of a gym person, I love to swim and I love to walk (outside) and even enjoyed being a runner for a number of years BUT..the gym thing isn't quite me (this could all change though). There are people there for fitness and optimum health but then there is also this odd sub-culture of "gym people" (you know the ones, guys with Lycra shorts so tight that you are forced to look at their no no spot, women with full blown out pageant girl hair and makeup while sporting rhinestone athletic wear).
Well, I thought I saw Ken Doll, my Ken Doll (not possible he lives in Illinois and isn't the gym type) at the gym but NO, it was a Ken Doll look a like.
Cute, very very cute (my kinda cute)I laughed because when I told two of my girlfriends they said "oh no, you're not going to only date guys that look like Ken Doll #1 are you?"
I will say this unexpected "perk" in my last two therapy appointments has made my days a little bit brighter. It's nice to have that "school girl crush" feeling again. The weird thing is that my last two sessions have been at completely different times and new Ken Doll has been there both times (but isn't hanging out for hours there, he does leave) Sooooo my bun buns, I'm going to work this angle. Get some PT, score a not really but it's sounds good!

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  1. there is nothing quite as fun as a school girl crush, is there?! the world is light and frivolous and fun again. nothing wrong either with having a type ;)