Friday, May 22, 2009

Distasteful Blogging

I joined the blogger world less than a month ago and today I unsubscribed to one of the first blogs I joined.
Let me take you back many years ago when I first joined the Junior League. After a few letters, written by friends and friends of friends about my character and commitment to helping to give back to the community were submitted, I became a provisional member, then later an active member, sustainer comes next. We were a group of ladies who without a question had the character of women who were or tried to be above all else, good human beings. Membership requirements were different then. Now because of declining membership the formality has changed and anyone can join as long as you fulfill your hours of volunteerism and pay annual dues. The group of knowing one another through friendships, families, business, clubs, etc. is smaller and the intimacy is different, it's bigger and less private. Socially different but financially this is good, that means we can raise more money for people in need.
With that said, we did not wear our membership of the league like a label of status on a shirt.
I was following a blog of woman who writes about shopping, new products, vacations and her league membership (all thing of interest to me, I enjoy seeing how other people live, it's human curiosity). Today I have unsubscribed to her blog. WHY you ask? Today she made fun of an ethnic cultural group and somewhat mocked their idols of worship, their dress, their "street" culture. I'm aghast and appalled. I am saddened. With the economy changing I thought more people were "getting it". Letting people live and not focus on our differences but what brings us together as humans. (Trust me, I'm not a liberal nor am I going to ask you to hold hands and sing with me but give me a sec, please).
I've had and had not in my lifetime and it certainly NEVER made me feel superior to any person. Money may have given me a sense of financial security but never "better" than anyone.
As an avid volunteer, my charitable energy has been to help people and I just kind of ignore what's on the outside because we are human beings with the same needs (food, shelter, clothing, kindness, optimum health, love) and the same hopes (education, monetary satisfaction, continued security & success). I find her blog today completely distasteful and I have unsubscribed.
I laugh because although my world is aesthetics and I earn a living from changing the way things look and manipulating space, I must emphasise why I became an interior designer. "IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE THAT COUNTS".

Cheers and Happy Blogging! (I'm on the right)


  1. Hey there,

    I saw that post too and like you was completely appalled. It was a blessing in disguise though because I found YOUR blog :-) And another girl who left a comment speaking her mind. Anyways, feel free to visit my blog anytime. I love your blog!

    Suggestion? Can the color of your links on your posting page. They are difficult to see! Sorry, I know I always want to hear feedback. I'm adding you to my reader. XOXO,


  2. I read the post you are referring to. It was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I am from LA and can't relate to her in any way at all. Racist, offensive, and just plain rude.

  3. I agree totally! I was the first person to comment on it. That blog makes me sick. I am going to unsubscribe asap. I just want to see if she retracts it. I think someone should contact the Junior League. Someone copy this blog post before she deletes it!!!

    I am your new follower!!!