Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What to wear..what to wear..

OK..Ladies..I need your help! I can't go into two much detail after all I don't want this blog to be one big snooze fest but long..LONG..LONG story short. I will be going on my first date in two years!
Yeah for me!!!
I know what you're thinking.. Didn't she just get out of a 2 year relationship a month ago? Wasn't she crying on her pillow just a few short weeks ago? Yes, yes I was BUT the weirdness of the universe and the very odd circumstances of timing have me going on a date in about a week and a half. Time to get back out there, I think???
OK..here are my rules. I am not a jeans girl. I don't judge others but jeans just aren't for me. I don't want to be too preppy (heck I might not even go with a preppy look, I'm willing to try something new) nor do I want to look too prissy/girlie but I don't want to look blah either. I also don't want a matronly look. We are meeting for coffee so it's not a dinner date, it's totally casual.
So I have contacted my gal pals and we are collaborating on our end. Tell me what you think is a good outfit for a date over here in blog world. I'm very interested in your opinions.


  1. How exciting! Congrats. I love the look of a sailor, no hear me out. That sounded terrible. I like navy pants, maybe a wide leg - maybe not. Simple, summery white top. Necklace. Waa lah. That's all I got! Good luck!

  2. White pants and cute top...mabye summery dress from anthropolgie? Whatever you decide it will be perfect and have a great date!

  3. Both good suggestions. It is so funny that you mentioned anthropolgie because I was thinking along those lines. Funky but not in an edgy way. Kinda "hippie" but with a concervative style to it. Sunshinemeggie..thanks I will see what Anthropologie has and if I can't find a sundress then I like the idea of navy pants. I was trying to avoid black but I like the slimness that dark on bottom delivers. Navy is a great suggestion! I will go to Somerset this weekend (that's the mall about a 1/2 mile from me).

  4. I just found your blog via Preppy Little Dress! I'm a fellow B'ham girl (grew up in Bloomfield, but my whole family lives in GP). Did you just move to Chicago? What a fun adventure!

  5. maybe not. Simple, summery white top. Necklace. Waa lah. That's all I got! Good luck!

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