Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Michigan

I am getting ready for guests that will be coming in on Friday and staying until Sunday morning. The visit was quite unexpected but it will be nice to see some relatives for a few days. I am busy right now making sure everything is "house guest ready".

When my guests leave, I will promtly (this is back to back events) board a train and go back to Birmingham, Michigan to hang out with my young nephew for a week. He's 11 and overall a fun, good boy to be around. My sister & her husband are in need of an "emergency babysitter" and I'm being shipped in like cattle on Amtrak. MOO!

When I lived in Michigan, I lived just a few blocks away from my sister's home and probably dropped in 3-4 times a week to say hello. My sister is very community oriented and volunteers for just about everything. I tease her that she should have a revolving door installed in the front of the house. There are always people dropping by for one thing or another. I miss the convenience of being near them.
I am thrilled that I get to hang out with my nephew (I miss him dearly and he has always been my little "bud") and I wanted him to come here to visit me so that we could do the Chicago tourist thing everyday but he's too young to ride the train alone.
Anyway, it's a crazy mess right now, getting ready for house guests and packing for a week away.
I promise I'll write more when things aren't so crazy/busy. Here are some pictures of Birmingham, Michigan. It's a great little town to live in, I miss it but I know that I will make the north shore my own "little Birmingham" soon enough.


  1. drooling- you are going to be in heaven!


  2. That looks gorgeous! I want to visit there now :)

  3. Just found your blog- it is lovely! Have fun with your guests and your trip with your nephew! :) XOXO

  4. Looking forward to your return.