Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer gatherings and potato chips

Good Morning! Happy belated Memorial Day! I hope that none of you found yourself waking up as face down lawn ornaments over this past weekend.
I understand that holidays can sometimes get out of hand.
I wanted to thank all of you for your supportive comments and emails regarding my Friday post. Being well mannered never goes out of style. Period! Unless you are a comedian or a political/social satirist then.. go for it! The world is your oyster, there's a lot to comment on, other than that, it just comes out wrong.
Speaking of wrong, did you want to hear about my tummy troubles with the Mexican Layer Dip Flavored Pringles? Probably not, but here it goes.
When I was just a young deb (Yes, I said it, I'll post a pic of this monumental moment of my life (it really wasn't) sometime when I can find the photo album. **NOTE**Let me just add that I'm not a snob or stuck up, my parents were traditional people and this is just what you did for your daughters when they became of a certain age. My parents were very old fashioned. Anyway, following this event I went to Europe where I traveled, experienced European culture and discovered the fun and deliciousness of Walker's Crisps.
Have you ever had them? My first flavors were pickles and then pot roast dinner. Not bad for a potato chip! Over the years I have sought out markets that sell European products here in the states or ordered the chips on-line. They have flavors such as: roast chicken, steak & onion, prawn cocktail, chili & chocolate, crispy duck & hoisin sauce, fish & chips, etc.
Pringles have recently gotten a little daring with their flavors. I spotted two new flavors that I had never seen before. Mozzarella & marinara sauce and Mexican layer dip flavored chips. We selected the MLD. We avoid products with MSG but I just had to try them!! HAD TO! Knowing fully that this was going to end badly.
It did and I'm not quite myself today, so my apologies if todays blog is plain and original flavored.


  1. Love this post! As one who avoids MSG most of the time we admit total disregard for that practice at times, with overzealous consumption of yummy things laden with MSG!

    Your comment today on our post almost made me misty-eyed, remembering back to Bonwit's, Saks and B2, although our foggy brain has us thinking that Abercrombie was also in that early mix, you know the "real Abercrombie," which we are guessing you are familiar with!

    BTW, the green links are outstanding, much easier to see! (Did you get our borderline-harassment email?)

    Have a stellar Wednesday!

  2. These chips sounds absolutely amazing!! I'm going to have to try and find them :)

  3. Some of my best friends were debutantes. When my mom asked me as a young girl if I would go to dancing school, I said no way. Little did I know I had just gypped myself out of a fantastic party...

  4. I am a potato chip afficiando...but obviously not as much as you! I just ate bloody mary potato chips/wavy style. I am the whole bag in two days. Need more. I can't even remember who makes them since I ate so fast!