Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yesterday 5-12-09

Here's when I know that I'm under the weather and not leaving my bed. This is my sickness parameter. I have a fantasy... I say to myself "Self, if your sister called you right this very minute from a nearby T.J.Maxx & told you that there were racks & racks of Lilly Pulitzer items marked "SUMMER SAVINGS $19.99" and she also said most of the items were in my size AND the racks showed no sign of any horizontal striped clothing, would I get out of bed & run to the sale? If my answer is "No, I can't move" then I know for sure I have a virus.
This virus must be catchy because my computer came down with it too. Our similarities were moaning noises & we both kept shutting down & not functioning. Today, I am better and my computer ($80.00 later) is better too.

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