Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day, my red headed step child

Ken doll came as a package deal. No kitty, no Ken doll. As a child I had a Persian long haired grey cat named "Shadow" but affectionately called "Uggums". I loved that cat but I was very allergic to her. Cassie is a very sweet marmalade cat. She is a ginger cat or an American orange tabby. Nothing exotic or fancy but LOVING..oh so loving. So when we moved to Illinois, I became a step mother. I have the official "red headed step child". BUT BUT BUT..I adore her! The allergies are not as bad now & she has become my very affectionate little friend. I do not have pictures of her but I have clipped some pics to show you how my little one resembles baked goods. Like any living statue, she has many poses but these are her cutest.

I love baked goods and sometimes when Ken doll is a bit peckish & begins to pout he shouts out like a five year old things like "I want hot snacks" or "I want bake goods". So our association of baked goods to our cat was natural. You will see 1)Croissant 2)Loaf of Bread (pronounced like a Yoga move) 3)Cinnamon Swirl and 4) I can not post a pic of this but when Ken doll pets Miss Cassie (not when I pet her which is just weird & disturbing) her little behind goes up in the air. This position is called "butter my muffin". A picture of that will not be shown. Other than that enjoy and Happy Mothers Day!

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