Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Changing the look

Well, I spent most of today shopping on line. Which I don't understand why I've made that such a DECLARATIVE sentence. I spend most of my days shopping on line. I like to call it "window shopping" because I'm not an Apple girl.

My places of residency have had quite a few costume changes over the years. I've had traditional hunter greens & cranberry decorating my space in my early days of college. This was followed by a very white/south Florida look in my last college years. Then I moved back home to Michigan where I favored Scandinavian Modern but with a softness. Sage greens & butter yellows. This Nordic trip has lasted me for the last (gulp) 10 years. Put the calculator down (do not try to figure out my age, you should be more concerned with how did a college student have such grown up furniture). That's easy, I worked and usually got a great discount. Now, just stop adding and's not good for you!

Anyway, my beloved butter yellow, rolled arm, tight back, two cushion sofa is looking tired. Whew..that's some serious interior designer babble. We will be moving closer to the lakefront this August so I'm thinking cottage beach house with a little elegance. I think the most cost effective and quickest fix is..Lean in..I'm whispering here..slipcovers.

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