Friday, May 8, 2009

Shutting Detroit Down

While playing with the Sirius radio I stopped on a country music station and the song playing was called "Shutting Detroit Down". Wow, it was powerful. My family did not work for the auto industry nor did any relatives of mine that I can think of (nor in Ken dolls family) but essentially if you're from the metro Detroit area the auto industry effected your business. As a former Michigan designer, my clientele was mostly engineers that worked for the auto companies & one client was the private pilot to former CEO Rick Wagoner. I remember in high school a classmate & friend whispered to me "look what I have with me" as he slid a magazine under the table towards me. His father was on the cover Newsweek, a key figure for Ford. Former president Bush (#43) was friends with the neighbor of one of my childhood best friends. Her neighbor was very influential in the auto industry. Many times secret service blocked the street & we had to pass security clearance before we could get to my friends home. The auto industry was all around us then as it is STILL around everyone in the suburbs of Detroit today. If your a physician most of your patients work for the big 3, a teacher, your students are the children of people employed for the car manufactures. Detroit, historically never recovered from the 1967 riots and it has been a "shell" of city for years but knowing that the metro area may soon become a ghost town is heartbreaking. Really it is.
If you read this blog post, let me know what you think- The picture I posted is not of Detroit but of my favorite Detroit landmark, The Detroit Yacht Club. I have many great & some very foggy memories of DYC.

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