Friday, May 1, 2009

Miss Trish of Capri & Felix Ray

These are my two summer bargains. Today is my first blog. These items may have been out for a little while but I figured it's a good way to start my blog. I may not always write but I will fill my blog with pictures of things I think are great. I love Miss Trish but her darling sandals can put a little dent in the old pocketbook. These are $29.99 a pair at Target and I bought 2 different pairs. (The white ones and the lion head sandals). The $29.99 doesn't even come close to what her little treasures sell for normally.
But wait there's more..Felix Ray also designed a few little gems for us at a bargain price. Check my summer tote out. Cute with a khaki skirt, white cotton shirt and a coral branch necklace huh?


  1. Welcome to the blog world :)

  2. Welcome to the land of bloggage! Yours looks darling, and will definitely be a fun read. (Maybe more so because Mom is in B'Field Hills, one brother is in the Pointes and another is in Southfield.)

    At any rate, let us know if there is anything we can help with!

    (PS: Because of a problem with Blogger, my blog may show up with a URL, but it is really